Christmas Letter from the Ordinary

Feast of Thomas Becket 

Greetings in this Christmastide,

Change is a constant. That is a contradictory sentence. Yet it is a reality. But it comes from where our perception, our outlook is focused. Do we want the things of this world and ourselves to always remain the same?  Some would say that would be nice, comfortable, predictable. The bills would be the same. The price of bread and milk would be the same. The rent or mortgage or property tax would be the same.

I can name a multitude of other circumstances with which we want everything to stay the same… our health, our housing, our future. But is it reality? Are we being rational? Is it realistic?

Over two thousand years ago, the judgement on all people, according to Holy Scripture (and almost all religions of that time), was that we were doomed to the “place of departed spirits.”

And then, God Himself, in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, came to His world, to our world.

And Something Changed!

We learned that God cared. We learned that the women and men of this world mattered to their Creator. We learned that God loves us and wants us to be with Him.

These are the simplest statements of the Christian Faith. This is what we are proclaiming at Christmas.

We are proclaiming we know that God, through Christ, loves us, and we love Him.

It is a simple message.

Glory be to God on High and Peace on earth to those with good will.

I hope that you had a Blessed Christmas and that 2017 will be a time of flourishing growth for the Diocese of the West.

In Christ’s service,

Bishop Owen R. Williams

Mission Statement

The Diocese of the West is a group of churches seeking to spread the Christian Gospel through traditional worship, fellowship, family values and service.

Vision Statement

To bring people into a loving relationship with God by creating a Gospel-focused fellowship through worship, practice and service to meet the needs of our communities.

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